DIY Protective Knit Mesh Cable Cover Shield for Computer Cable - Fluorescent Green (8.0mm / 16m)

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Quantity: 1 - Color: Fluorescent green - Material: Environmental protection non-toxic PET - Interface Type: DIY - Diameter: 8.0mm - Cable length: 16 meters - Normal expanding range: 6.4mm~12.7mm - Fireproofing grade: UL94V-2 (UL VW-1) - Temperature: -50'C~+125'C - Melting point: 230'C +/- 5'C - Application: Can be as protective and beautified for computer graphics card 8p / 6p cable CPU 8p cable etc. suitable for 6~8 PCS 18AWG cable computer power cable audio cable car aviation electric wire and cable - Flexible elasticity wear resistant convenient to use - Environmental protection non-toxic PET with good elasticity fire resistance abrasive resistance and heat insulation property - Packing list: - 1 x DIY cable shield (16 meter)

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