Smart Toilet Bidet Flushbonading Female Hygeian Flushing Device

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Description: Smart Toilet Bidet Flushbonading Female Hygeian Flushing Device This smart toilet bidet do not neet electricity. The flushing power comes from water pressure. A replacement of using paper, no damage to the skin, effectively prevent infection and clean your hip. 5 gear water pressure adjustment, the water joint suits for most toilet seat, please select one that meets the diameter of your toilet seat water joint. The spary nozzle has great function of self-cleaning :) Specification: Material: ABS Color: white Model: T8100: One nozzle, one knob, cold water, 0.8m PU hose T8120: Two nozzles, two knobs, cold water, 0.8m PU hose T8230: One nozzles, two knobs, cold and hot water mixing, 3m PU hose T8200: Two nozzles, three knobs, cold and hot water mixing, 3m PU hose Two size of thread water joint: 1/2" thread for Asian and Euro countries 7/8" thread for US and CA countries Suit for: hemorrhoids patients, constipation patients, diarrhea patients, high blood patients, female menstrual period How to install: 1. Close the source of water by triangle valve 2. Detach the toilet seat cover 3. Place the bidet on the toilet seat and adjust it to the install holes 4. Reinstall the toilet seat cover and fix it tight 5. Install the cold water hoses with the T-adapter and bidet accoding with the pictures in the right. 6. Close the hot water triangle valve 7. Install the T-adapter with hot water triangle valve and connect to the bidet 8. Reopen the hot water and cold water triangle valve and test the bidet How to install bidet hose: 1. Insert the nut 2. Insert the bidet hose to the water inlet 3. Fix the nut Warm note: If you need hot-water bidet, please make sure you have hot water supply near your toilet (within 2m). The model T8100 and T8120 supply a 0.8m PU hose The model T8200 and T8230 supply a 3m PU hose. Please note to install the rubber gasket before install the T- adapter :) Package Included: 1x Smart Toilet Bidet set Detail pictures:

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